SmartStrand Zoo Challenge 2009 Asheville, NC | The Carpet barn

Can SmartStrand Carpet Withstand this Force of Nature?

It doesn't take much prompting to make us enumerate the wonderful qualities of SmartStrand carpet with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer.

Whether it’s SmartStrand’s exceptional durability, easy cleanability, or incredible softness, we at Mohawk are making it known that our carpet is a cut above the rest. We put our SmartStrand through rigorous testing to ensure top quality and we’re willing to prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Even if that puts our carpet at the mercy of one of the toughest animals on the planet.

Meet Ricko, a 2,800 pound, 12-year-old Black Rhinoceros who currently calls The Birmingham Zoo home. Ricko lives a full, active lifestyle, one of plentiful mud baths and the devouring of entire bushes at a time. If this source of motion were to live in a furnished enclosure, surely the surfaces would be ruined. The flooring in particular wouldn't stand a chance — right?

Combining award-winning carpet with the awe-inducing strength and destruction capabilities of a rhino, Mohawk & DuPont present a completely unique experience, The SmartStrand Challenge.

The Carpeting World May Never Be the Same Again

We've decided to go where all other carpet-makers wouldn’t dare to. For two brutal weeks, the aforementioned Ricko will live on 1,040 square feet of SmartStrand carpet in an enclosure designed by HGTV and Mohawk’s expert craftsman Chip Wade.

It is here that Ricko will do everything that is expected of a rhino to do — on SmartStrand.

The dirt your children bring into the house will pale in comparison to Ricko’s mud-caked hoof tracks. Remember the accident that your household pet had on the living room carpet? You haven’t seen or smelled anything like the waste left behind from a pet that weighs almost 1½ tons.

Four “Rhino-cams” will broadcast the entire event live on the web at, chronicling Ricko’s every attempt to disprove the amazing nature of SmartStrand carpet.

In addition to this mind-boggling endeavor, the site features additional information about Ricko as well as the conservation efforts of the endangered Black Rhinoceros.

An event like the SmartStrand Challenge is simply one that you must see to believe. Witness for yourself something that we’ve said all along: “If it can handle our wildlife, it will handle yours!”

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