SolidTech Vinyl Flooring Innovations from MoHawk™

Carpet Asheville

We hear you.

And what we heard is, when it comes to resilient vinyl flooring products, you had plenty of “good” offerings but there wasn’t a solution that was truly “great.”

That’s why we innovated SolidTech to solve the consumer’s problems (waterproof, pet-proof, odor-proof, durable, etc.) as well as your issues and hurdles as a retailer.

Here’s what SolidTech provides YOU:

  • Quicker Installation. Because Solidtech is rigid, it requires less floor prep and installs up to 30% faster. UniClic Multifit installation technology provides true ease of installation.
  • Fewer call-backs. Because of SolidTech’s performance and durability, you'll get fewer callbacks, fewer claims, and fewer hassles.
  • More natural look. SolidTech’s exclusive design aesthetics offers gorgeous distinctive premium floors for every customer, no matter their style preferences.

Plus, Doug the Pug is the cutest.

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