Avoiding These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Flooring Asheville NCMaintaining a clean carpet in your home is as important for the look and feel of your home as it for the indoor air quality. There are many tips on the internet regarding how to clean stains or dust on your carpet, but there is far less information on how to avoid carpet cleaning mistakes in a way that helps you to extend the life of your carpet and keep your carpet clean. Here are a few things you want to avoid when it comes to carpet cleaning:

Failing to Act Immediately. Leaving a spill to dry or sit on a carpet will make stains infinitely harder to be cleaned later. Spilled liquids can seep deeper into the carpet padding, leading to stinky odors, mold growth, and occasionally, the stain will erode carpet fibers. Do not wait too long: wipe it off immediately to avoid permanent stains.  

Using the Wrong Cleaning Product: Some cleaning solutions contain formulas and chemicals that may be too strong for the carpet fibers or that could possibly react with the spilled liquids. Using incorrect cleaning solution on your carpet can damage the carpet fibers and dissolve the colors. Follow the cleaning guidelines of the manufacturer and read   the label on the cleaning product carefully before purchasing it.  

Cleaning Too Often: “More is better” is not necessarily true in all circumstances. If you become too obsessed with cleaning your carpet, excessive scrubbing will expose the fibers and the overuse of cleaning chemicals can cause colors to fade and lead to permanent damage to your carpet. Clean your carpet only when it’s actually necessary.  

Using Too much Water or Cleaning Solution:  Too much water may be hard to soak up later, and mold can grow in moist carpet if water is not quickly dried by a steam cleaner or exposure to the sun.   

Buying the wrong carpet from the wrong carpet dealer: Carpets are not impervious to damage, but more durable carpets exist that require less care and are easier to clean. Finding a friendly carpet dealer who will work with you in a no-pressure environment and assist you in finding the right carpet could save you from a bad experience. 

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