27 Jan

SolidTech Vinyl Flooring Innovations from MoHawk™

Carpet Asheville

We hear you.

And what we heard is, when it comes to resilient vinyl flooring products, you had plenty of “good” offerings but there wasn’t a solution that was truly “great.”

That’s why we innovated SolidTech to solve the consumer’s problems (waterproof, pet-proof, odor-proof, durable, etc.) as well as your issues and hurdles as a retailer....

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28 May

Avoiding These Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Flooring Asheville NCMaintaining a clean carpet in your home is as important for the look and feel of your home as it for the indoor air quality. There are many tips on the internet regarding how to clean stains or dust on your carpet, but there is far less information on how to avoid carpet cleaning mistakes in a way that helps...

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03 May

Choosing a Rug

Flooring AshevilleWhile there exists a plethora of rugs to choose from that are different in color, texture, size or design, there is always that one rug that will blend in perfectly   with your personal style and room. Finding that one rug lies in being prepared before you step into the store. Keep the following tips in mind when...

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23 Apr

Choosing the Best Carpet for You

Hardwood Flooring Asheville NCCarpets provide a touch of comfort and warmth for your bare feet and a cozy atmosphere for your home. Carpets are easy to maintain, easy to install, and are easier on your budget with their relatively low cost. 

As you begin searching, you may be amazed by the...

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